Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Lilla Ann, the Fashionista

Closets full of glitz and glam are not just for human “fashionistas”.  Meet Lilla Ann, a 20-pound French bulldog with a ton of class...

Dog scratching a lot? Could be allergies.

Veterinarians say this is the time of year when they see a whole lot of dogs coming in for allergic reactions. Dogs can't mask up...

Animal Expert Shares 5 Things That Will Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life

As anyone who has ever lived with a dog will know, it often feels like we don't get enough time with our furry friends....

Medical Marijuana and CBD for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Though gaining in popularity and even available (as hemp oil) via major retailers, medical marijuana for dogs and CBD products for pets are a...

Why dog owners are giving their pets cannabis

As legalization spreads, some advocate giving pets CBD – a chemical in marijuana – as a medical treatment. Legalization’s progress across much of North America...

Thurber dog Muggs ‘is getting his due’

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In a special spot under the shade of an ancient tulip poplar tree, the two men carefully lowered the 2,200-pound block...
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