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Dog stolen from Detroit 4 years ago reunited with owner

MT. MORRIS, Mich. – It was a call Desirae Cornell never thought she would get. “She was crying, she almost had me crying,” said Bill Heatley...

Samson…The Misunderstood Pup

Hi, my name is Michelle Hutchison and this is the story of how I was inspired to start Doggie Delicious Treats & More. In 2012...

Dazzling Pawdicure

Ahhhh!  Those dazzling nails!  Wait, is that a dog?  Nail polish on dogs is gaining popularity due to dog grooming boutiques on wheels.  Painting...

How About My Dog?

As I mentioned in my last article, dogs can relieve stress for humans, but what are some ways to reduce stress for dogs? A dog...

My Therapy Dog

We live in an enormous world where I believe we all experience some sort of anxiety. It could range from something as simple as...

Time For Another Tale from Wagging Tales Rescue!

Today we would like to share Piper’s Tale. Piper is our longest-term rescue at the moment due to not be ready for adoption. Piper...
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