Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Lilla Ann, the Fashionista

Closets full of glitz and glam are not just for human “fashionistas”.  Meet Lilla Ann, a 20-pound French bulldog with a ton of class and a heck of a wardrobe!  She has a seasonal array of fashion trends to choose from and she adores dressing from head to toe.  I spoke to Tracy and her fiancé, Ryan, Lilla Ann’s owners, and they say she loves to dress up!  It is an everyday occurrence and part of their daily routine.  

The fashion industry for dogs has skyrocketed.  Halloween is just around the corner and in every store, you can find the latest and greatest costumes to dress your dog up for the occasion.  “Lilla is going to be a bumblebee this year!” Lilla Ann is not only going to dress up for Halloween, but Tracey is constantly visiting her favorite “dog couture” sites: Pinterest, Esty, Pet Smart and Target, to add to Lilla’s closet.  

Yes! Lilla Ann has her very own closet with her name displayed right over the top, with a picture of Lilla in a blue denim hat with a bright yellow sunflower.  The picture says it all, Lilla has a huge smile on her face.  What dog would not smile with a closet full of clothes for every occasion?   Tracey admits that when she goes to a store, and she sees the doggie couture, she never passes up the opportunity to add to Ellie’s closet. Tracy added that Lilla always is there with her, to give her opinion about the new trend.  “We take Lilla everywhere we go, and people love her.  Lilla loves the attention!  I sometimes spend an extra hour in a store so that Lilla can visit with all the people who admire my sweet little baby in her latest trends.”

Tracy also says that 6-month sized baby clothes work well for Lilla’s physique.  Like many dog-owner’s, Tracy and Ryan, consider their dog as their child and a member of their family. Tracy and Ryan recognize what a great dog Lilla is and have high aspirations for their little girl. “We are currently trying to get Lilla into modeling and think she would do great in television work”.  Clearly, Lilla’s so well-behaved and easygoing.  Tracy would love to get her into volunteer work at a hospital sometime soon, as well.  

Tracy and Ryan plan to wed soon.  Lilla will be in a flower girl dress, walking down the aisle at the ceremony. I asked to see the dress but that is a surprise for the wedding day. There is no question that this little “Frenchy” will love the fun, frills, and attention she will get on the “big day”.  Tracy is happy with that.  Lilla Ann is her world, and she is gladly willing to share the spotlight on her big day with such a special girl!

Whether you see Lilla shopping for her latest style or on the cover of Vogue, this pup has got it going on!  Tracy and Ryan love this girl!  The look on Lilla’s face says it all. Lilla is one happy French Bulldog!

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