Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Time For Another Tale from Wagging Tales Rescue!

Today we would like to share Piper’s Tale. Piper is our longest-term rescue at the moment due to not be ready for adoption. Piper was an owner surrender in January of 2021. She was surrendered to us due to the owner not being able to take care of her any longer. Piper was adopted as a puppy and lived with another dog until January when she was surrender at 4 years old. 

Piper came to us with an ear infection, skin infection, being heartworm positive, underweight, and without any vaccinations or preventative care. We were not sure what exactly what was wrong with her skin when she arrived. She did not have hair on her snout, legs, and some other spots on her body. Her skin on her legs and feet were raw and would bleed. She would sleep most of the day and only wake up to eat and go out to potty. She was so sick that she did not want to move much.

She started her lengthy and tough heartworm treatment immediately. Luckily, we were able to get her into MedVet Dermatology to get her skin issues worked out. She had to get skin biopsies that determined that she has an autoimmune skin disease. She has been getting treated for that for the last few months. Originally January through February we had a 2-hour routine at night to treat her skin. She had to have her legs treated every night. We put ointment on her legs every night and wrapped them so she could not lick the hair and skin off because she was so itchy. 

By March she just had to wear her body suit to help prevent the itching due to skin disease. She was happy and full of energy finally. She had to be on bed rest due to the heartworm treatment but tried to go out to take herself for a walk without permission. She has her own bedroom in her foster home with a futon, fuzzy rug, ball pit and more to help keep her happy and comfortable.

Today she is Heartworm negative! Her feet are in remission from the autoimmune disease. Now we are working on adjusting her meds so make the rest of her skin get clearer. She is not very itchy anymore and enjoying life. She will always need medication for her skin, but it is not expensive and very manageable. We want to get her skin in a better point before adoption. She will hopefully be ready for adoption in August to find her forever home. Check out our Facebook to keep up with her story! 

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