Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Adoptable Cal

Today we would like to feature Cal from Wagging Tales Rescue as a dog available for adoption. Cal is a wonderful boy who is looking for a forever home. He is a 100-pound shepherd mix male. He was saved from the Franklin County Dog Shelter urgent rescue list. He needed to be pulled by another dog shelter or rescue due to him being a leash biter. We rescued him on February 15th, 2021. He went into foster care and was going to get training for his behavioral issues.

In the middle of the night on the 15th Cal threw up a big toy that had not been given to him at the rescue foster home. His foster was so confused because they knew that was not a toy that they had in their possession. Medvet was contacted at that point to see if he needed to be brought in or not. Of course, this was in the middle of a snowstorm. Medvet advised us to wait and see if he was acting weird of if any blood occurred later. He was closely monitored and never left alone with any objects, especially since the foster did not go anywhere due to the storm. On the 17th at 3:30am Cal threw up a huge puddle of blood, luckily the foster slept next to the crate and was able to help Cal immediately. He was rushed to Medvet and taken in right away to be evaluated. Cal was monitored and kept stable until 9am when he was taken to VCA Hilliard to get surgery. The veterinarian wanted to check his stomach to make sure that there was nothing left in his stomach. There was not anymore items in his stomach, but there were several ulcers causing the bleeding. They cleaned the ulcers to help them heal since they were severe from the toy being in the stomach. He recovered very well from this $2,000 procedure and acted like nothing happened.

After recovery Cal did 4 training sessions to evaluate his behavior and work on channeling his drive. He is very driven and loves to learn new things. He is a working dog that needs to be active and thinking about things all the time. He has been up for adoption since March with no interest. He has come out of his shell a lot lately. He needs to be with another dog in the home. He does a lot better in his crate and socially when he can have a buddy. He loves small puppies to play with. He has played with a 6-month-old pup, 12-week-old pup, and an 8-week-old puppy. He is very tolerant and loves to run around with them. Recently he has become very affectionate with the people that he has gotten to know. He gives kisses and has started cuddling. This is a big deal because he usually is moving most of the time. He now cuddles on the couch with his foster mom. He loves to lay on his back in her arms so that she can rub his belly as he falls asleep. All 4 paws are in the air and he will snore a bit. It is amazing to us that no one has been interested in him when he is such a loving and good boy. We are also including a free training session with his adoption, so his forever family can understand how to use his drive to help him thrive. Please check out his adoption profile and ask us any questions you may have.

Adoption profile: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/cal-50856727/oh/hilliard/wagging-tales-rescue-oh1264/

Adoption application: https://forms.gle/619N6jKr4PsHXB6QA

NOTE: Since publication, Cal has been adopted! However, there are many more dogs available to anyone willing to give them a loving home! Contact us for more information!

Wagging Tales Rescue Contact Information:
Email: waggingtalesrescueohio@gmail.com
Website: https://waggingtalesrescue.weebly.com/
Facebook: @WaggingTalesRescue
Instagram: @waggingtalesresq
Tik Tok: @waggingtalesrescueoh

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