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Wagging Tales Rescue

Did you grow up listening to fairy tales? Well, there are also real-life tales to be told and that is exactly what Wagging Tales Rescue does for each dog that comes into their rescue. Wagging Tales Rescue is a nonprofit dog rescue located in Central Ohio. Their mission is to provide a safe haven for dogs where they receive the care, love, and support that they deserve on their journey to find their forever home. The goal is to save dogs from being euthanized due to overcrowding in shelters, anxiety, behavioral and medical issues that can be fixed. The rescue is called Wagging “Tales” Rescue instead of “Tails” because they believe that every dog has a story to tell. We may not know the beginning of their story, but we will share their journey as they grow with us.

Wagging Tales Rescue is a foster based rescue that saves dogs in Ohio, but has also helped dogs from Kentucky, Indiana, and Texas. Being a foster based rescue means that they do not have a facility to house the dogs and run business out of. For a dog to be rescued, there needs to be a foster willing to take care of the dog. There is never enough foster homes available for the number of dogs that need help. The rescue covers all costs for the dog and provides all the supplies you will need. The organization is all volunteer run and relies on donations to pay for the medical bills of the dogs they rescue and for the supplies that the dogs will need.

Wagging Tales Rescue was founded because a 19-year-old girl had a dream to help dogs in need in the community. The founder of Wagging Tales Rescue, Lilla Dvoraczky, decided to do what everyone told her she could not do at her age in 2019. Dogs in her community were being euthanized for reasons that were unbelievable to her. At 17 years old she adopted the light of her life, a pit bull named Jinger from the local shelter. Lilla suffers from chronic pain in her whole body 24/7 365 days a year. In high school it was hard for her to get out of bed and want to do anything. Adopting Jinger gave her motivation to get up every day and try to be the best mom that she could be for Jinger. Jinger suffered from anxiety and had some behavioral issues. She feared some people and did not like other dogs most of the time. After months of consistent training Jinger began to be a new dog. Today Jinger can play with some dogs with slow and proper introductions. Being able to understand your dog and their limits has made it possible for Jinger to thrive today. Lilla knew that with the proper training and for the dogs to decompress that the other shelter dogs like Jinger that were being euthanized could be helped too. Wagging Tales Rescue began taking in dogs in March 2020. By today this small rescue has saved 27 dogs. Please check out their social media to see the tales of the dogs who are being rescued.

Wagging Tales Rescue Contact Information:



Facebook: @WaggingTalesRescue

Instagram: @waggingtalesresq

Tik Tok: @waggingtalesrescueoh

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