Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Loads of Love campaign helps keep SICSA pets clean and cozy

Imagine arriving in a strange, new place.  You are placed in a room with only a cot.  No pillow, blanket.  Nothing soft or warm.  At SICSA, that doesn’t happen. When animals come to SICSA, their temporary homes have a soft blanket or towel, soft toys, and more.   It is clean, smells good, and provides a cozy environment; the likes of which, some have never experienced.

A pet adoption center based in Dayton, SICSA is vigilant with its disease management efforts. The organization’s washing machines run all day long. The laundry is also heavy and bulky.  From towels and blankets to beds and toys for every animal in its care, it puts wear and tear on our laundry equipment. 

In order to wash thousands of items every day, SICSA must use industrial size washers and dryers. When the organization moved to its new, state-of-the-art facility at the beginning of 2020, someone had donated a second industrial washing machine to us. Unfortunately, that washing machine has since stopped working.  It is also not fixable.  This leaves them with only one washing machine to use as the laundry continues to pile up. This is where SICSA needs your help.

By donating to the Loads of Love campaign, you will help give the pets in SICSA’s care the clean, comfortable space they deserve while awaiting their forever homes. A second washer will make a world of difference to the staff and volunteers who do countless loads of laundry to keep our pets healthy, and comfortable each day.

To donate, visit the Loads of Love page.

For more information about SICSA, visit www.sicsa.org.

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