Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dog of the Day: Bella Grace

All dog enthusiasts know that you never replace a beloved friend when he or she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. You keep those fond memories in your heart, and when the time is right, you make space in your heart for a new canine companion. Bella Grace, a Boston Terrier puppy, is the newest addition in David Lowe’s home, and she is Ohio Barker’s Dog of the Day.

Bella Grace

David had never owned a Boston Terrier until he adopted Baxter from a shelter back in 2010. At the time, David was recovering from a bad automobile accident and spent six weeks in the hospital. Baxter, who was a puppy at the time, provided comfort during a difficult time.

Our dogs cannot live long enough, and Baxter passed away last year. David did not plan on finding another canine friend so soon, but early this year, he and his significant other, Kristin, learned about a group of Boston Terrier puppies, so they drove to look at them and knew right away that Bella Grace was the one.

“She has similar mannerisms to Baxter, and she also has the same spot on top of her head that Baxter had,” David said. “Boston Terriers are the perfect dogs because of their demeanor and their size. Bella Grace joins me at work and keeps me company in my office. She’s filled a void in our hearts.”

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