Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cold Day Apparel

BRRRR!  Baby it’s cold out!  It is important to know when to protect your dog from the cold weather.  Whether or not you drape a parka on your dog depends on the breed of your dog, the coat, and how well your dog tolerates wearing something more than its own fur.

Ohio can get extremely low temps come January.  It is always a great idea to think about the weather when taking your dog out and exposing them to the cold.  Some dogs have a thick coat of fur and a nice undercoat.  However, not always the case.   Depending on certain circumstances, protecting your dog is as important as dressing your child for the elements.  

Fur-instance… if your dog is sick, short-hair, small, or aging, you may want to throw on an extra layer.  Of course, you never want to add more stress to your dog by forcing them to wear a coat or sweater.  

There are so many choices out there.  Make sure you choose a brand that will fit comfortably on your dog’s body with accommodations of a leash.  “Ruffwear” has great choices of insulated dog attire to battle the cold and keep your dog warm and dry.  

Cozy Paw won “Best Choice of the Year” with their Extra Warm Winter Dog Coat.  It is fleece-lined and waterproof.  Warm Paw Windproof Dog Coat ranks high and has reflective strips for safer walks on cold nights.

Whatever it is you choose, make sure that the product is safe and comfortable and has good rating.  Do your research, ask your vet for suggestions.  One more topic to mention while we are talking about the cold.  Your dog’s paws and the cold… Protect their feet!  A lot of times, the pads on their feet are dry and cracked because of the cold.  Ask your vet the best way to care for your paws and claws.

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