Tuesday, December 5, 2023

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

 National Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th. Grab your “Canine Couture” and hit the town! A great opportunity to take a “cute pic” with your favorite furry baby to share with the world. Why not? The world needs a smile, and your dog loves the attention. Do it for the “Shiatzu and Giggles”! 

We already know dogs have a great impact on our health. Not only do dogs boost our mood with their cute fur face and funny antics, but loving your dog can decrease depression and anxiety, lower stress levels and improve overall health. Now, factor in laughter and happiness with the joy you feel seeing your dog in a pink tutu or fluffy blue parka. What a way to be happy and have some fun! 

The magic will spread! Mental states across the board will improve. Who can resist a dog in couture? Oh’s and Aw’s will fill your heart and soul. There are a lot of hearts out there that need warming! Laughter is not only valuable for your health but that of your dog’s health as well. So spread some joy! 

Your dog loves the extra attention and picks up on your laughter and happiness, improving your dog’s well-being. Not to mention, you will both be the of the talk of the town. Dressing up your dog creates more one on one attention from you, developing an even stronger bond between you and your dog. 

Put the bowties on! Dress in matching “mutt-tuxes! Celebrate the day in frilly splendor with your dog. The dog that will tolerate the clothes, will love the attention they get from wearing it. 

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